A huge big welcome to our wonderful work place from, Fergal Enright, Carolynn Rennisson, Camille O’Sullivan, Claire McNamara, Ann Fitzgerald, Rachel Hannon, Mary B McMahon, Siobhan Stanley, Kay O’Sullivan, Ann O’Byrne and Ann Meaney.

We started in our new centre on the 3rd of October 2011. Some people came from the Training Centre and others from the Tait and Garvey. We all had our own little worries about our move and even though we visited the building and liked it we were still a little nervous.

Finally the day came and off we went.

We worked on our timetable and discussed our ideas.

We looked at things to do locally. The Crescent close by so we go there to do our shopping etc.   I t will be so handy for Christmas.

Library , swimming and zumba.