Link Project

The Link Project is an off shoot of the Garvey Centre.   It began as a pilot project one day per week in May 2011 and is running full time since late September 2011.   The project currently has six members and our aim is to gain and maintain independence,   freedom of choice and to integrate.   We will develop links with existing DOC service community groups both local and national.

We have interests in education, current affairs, health and wellbeing, local and national history, the environment and social outings.

We are also working towards development hand crafts which we will sell at Limerick’s Milk Market on 8th December.

Some of the courses so far enjoyed in the wider community include zumba, flower arranging and cooking.   We have also activity supported many events and exhibitions and have had a successful stall in the milk market.

Our motto is “TO BE ALL WE CAN BE“

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