Mark Whelan Interview

Last 2nd of June 2011, I traveled to   Charleville, Co. Cork to interview one of the greatest GAA footballer of his generation and probably one of the best manager there is in Ireland today. My interview revealed a humble man of good character yet passionate in his goals and undertakings. Interviewing him made me honored and proud that someone as popular as him can lend his ears to a regular sports fan like me. The following is a transcript of that interview.

Mark Whelan: Where and when were you born?

Conor Counihan: 1959 and in Cork, I was born.

Mark Whelan: What secondary school where you in?

Conor Counihan : I went to Middleton Vocational School and I went to Middleton CBS.

Mark Whelan: That’s more of a hurling school isn’nt it?

Conor Counihan: It is! You’re right there.

Mark Whelan: John Fenton came from that school.

Conor Counihan: Yes that’s right! You have a very good information. Ohhh very good!

Mark Whelan: What year did you captain Cork to win the all-ireland?

Conor Counihan: I never captain Cork. I was a Captain in 1987 when we lost the All Ireland.

Mark Whelan: Sorry Connor.Who was the captain in 1989?

Conor Counihan:It was Larry Thompkins when we won.

Mark Whelan:When did you finished playing?

Conor Counihan: I finished playing intercounty football in 1993.

Mark Whelan: When did you start playing?

Conor Counihan: I started playing intercounty football in 1980.

Mark Whelan:When did you start managing?

Conor Counihan: My first year managing was in 2008 intercounty   management Mark Whelan: What was the highlight of your managing career?

Conor Counihan: I suppose winning the all Ireland last year.

Mark Whelan: What was the low of your managing career?

Conor Counihan: I suppose losing the All Ireland in 2009.

Mark Whelan: What got you into football?