We had great fun this summer at a sports day that we organised. We went to the University Of Limerick campus and set up our games. We decided that we would play team games and individual games, for a bit of fun. We played soccer, where we had to dribble the ball between cones, then pass the ball to our next team member. Whichever team finished the course first was the winner.

We had an egg and spoon race ( or potato and spoon for”¦”¦.you know who you are ) and a sack race. These were great fun.

We then had a chance to practice our rugby kicking, we all wanted to try to be Ronan O Gara for a little while, it was very hard but great fun. Fergal won this one as he kicked the ball the farthest.

To finish up, we had a game of long puck with a hurley and ball.

Whoever managed to rise the ball and hit it the farthest was the winner. This was the hardest of all the games and we even ended up with a broken hurley.

To finish the day we went for our lunch at the UL sports bar.