PCP Summer Outing to Galway

This summer I got my wish, I got to go to Galway on the Train with my friends.

We went to the station in Limerick and used our bus passes to get our tickets.

We had a lovely trip up on the train chatting and looking at the scenery, while also playing games and listening to our music.

The train didn’t have a dining car, so when we got to Galway we went for coffee before we did some shopping and looked at the sights.

For lunch we tried something different. We went to an Asian restaurant where all our lunch came out in a box, called a Bento Box. This is a very popular way to get food in Japan, and your starter, main course and dessert are served together in the box.

It was delicious and interesting to try something new.

On return to Galway station for our journey home, we all got a coffee and relaxed on our journey home. It was a great day.

Ann Moriarty